More than 100 years in the making

Exhibits at the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum are designed to inspire you to find a connection to our region’s history.

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Long-term exhibits are enhanced by new research, new acquisitions and special short-term installations, such as our feature exhibit and our traveling exhibit. Each exhibit describes Spokane Valley and the region through historical images and artifacts, audio and video displays, and stories told by posters or our educated volunteers.

When you visit the Museum, you can be accompanied by a volunteer guide or roam around the exhibits, exploring on your own. Always feel free to ask questions.


WW1 -The War to End All Wars

Come visit our new exhibit featuring the first World War! Opening March 29th, the exhibit features authentic paraphernalia, news of the times, and more.

View photos of local heroes, including the 280 soldiers who left Spokane County to fight in the war.

Communicate in Morse code at our interactive exhibit!

The U.S. formally entered WW1 on April 6th, 1917. Learn more about the historic event and its influence on American society at the Spokane Valley History Museum!