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Get up close and personal with history

Explore the people, places and events that shaped Spokane Valley history.

learn history spokane valley

The Valley comes to our life during our presentations and off-site tours.

Our Spokane Valley experts are available to present on a variety of topics relating to our history and culture.
Our multimedia presentations are informative and inspire your group to dig deeper into their connection with the region.


Our presentations and lectures delve into specific topics of your choosing. Existing presentations include:

  • The Horse Slaughter Story
  • The Heritage of Felts Field

Drive Your History Tours

Get in your car and discover history where it happened.

Our Drive Your History Tours guide you around significant locations in Spokane Valley history. The tours are guided by history experts and even people from the past!
Our volunteers are happy to dress in period costume and assume the role of people who made our history happen.

Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get up-to-date information on driving tours, such as:

  • Pines Cemetery Tour
  • Historic Monuments and Markers