The Museum is where you find that picture, that plat book, that yearbook or newspaper clipping you've been looking for.

Dig up your Spokane Valley history

The Museum is where you find that picture, that plat book, that yearbook or newspaper clipping you’ve been looking for.

Our area has a unique and fascinating history to document, including tales from the Coeur d’Alene and Spokane tribes, missionary priests and homesteaders.

We’ve collected an array of historical documents to help you conduct research on your family, your property or your school project.

Our research staff is available by appointment only to help and guide you at a flat charge of $35, which includes documents, deeds, etc. Contact our research staff at or by calling (509) 922-4570.


Spokane Valley Heritage Museum is home to a rich and varied collection of published works and source materials about our region’s history.


The Spokane Valley Heritage Museum has thousands of photos in its archival collection. See what region looked like in its early days.


Maps are a record of our cultural archaeology. Our Museum archives are home to maps for irrigation, plats, counties and more.

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