The Spokane Valley Heritage Museum has over 13,000 photos in its archival collection.

History Comes to Life in Pictures

The Spokane Valley Heritage Museum has over 13,000 photos in its archival collection. Search our online collection at or visit the museum. Currently we have uploaded over 1,108 photos and we are in the process of uploading more photos.

1913 painting Inland Empire Railway System, Garfield, Washington

1913 painting Inland Empire Railway System, Garfield, Washington

Our many pictures give a glimpse into what life was like in Spokane Valley — from its early days and on through its development to become a city.

Browse through the collection to see the orchard farm that existed on your property, find your dad’s high school sweetheart (your mom!) in our Central Valley High School portraits, or check out life at the Royal Riblet Estate.

See the history of Spokane Valley and the region through the lens of a camera. Our collections include:

  • Felts Field and Aviation
  • Agriculture and the Farming economy
  • Schools
  • Military
  • Churches
  • The Interstate Fair
  • Spokane Bridge, where it all began

The communities of Saltese, Millwood, Opportunity, Greenacres, Newman Lake, Liberty Lake, Opportunity, Otis Orchards, Valleyford, Dishman, Vera, Trent, Chester and the entire Spokane Valley.


We can make copies and reproductions for you. See schedule below for fees. Spokane Valley Heritage Museum is a non-profit that receives no direct government funding. Revenue generated from reproduction and usage fees are used to maintain the Museum’s collections and are levied in accordance with RCW


Our collections of historic photos are available for public viewing and reproduction. Fees are assessed to cover the costs of reproduction.

Staff can provide assistance in finding specific photos and in offering long-distance requests. Inquiries should be as specific as possible. Contact us for more information.

The Spokane Valley Heritage Museum can make reprints of a photo at your request.

Reprint Fees

  • 5×7: $7.00 per image
  • 8×10: $12.00 per image
  • 11×14: $22.00 per image
  • 16×20: $32.00 per image

Digital Images

  • 300 dpi: $15 per image
  • 600 dpi: $25 per image
  • Large-format 300 dpi, up to 36″: Cost of scanning, plus $30 handling fee
  • Architectural sheets, maps or or other large-format items: $30 up to 36″

Usage Fees

Usage fees apply to images published in any book, magazine, calendar, non-print media, etc., or used for advertising purposes or promotional display, etc.

Usage fees are in addition to reproduction costs.

  • Personal use: No charge
  • Books, videos, CD-ROMs: $30.00 per media usage
  • Commercial display: $40.00 per media usage
  • Periodicals: $20.00 per usage
  • Film or TV local commercial: $50.00
  • Film or TV national commercial: $120.00