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Group Tours

Bring your Group for: Discovery of History

Red Hat ladies touring the museum

The Spokane Valley Heritage Museum welcomes tours from groups of all ages, from Boy Scouts to car clubs and seniors’ groups.

Your group tour can be self-guided or led by one of our knowledgeable, engaging volunteers.
We offer private use of the facility during your tour and we can customize the information we provide as we guide through Spokane Valley history.
Our Museum features long-term and temporary exhibits, all designed to inspire you to discover your connection to the Valley.

To book a tour, please call the museum at (509) 922-4570 or email the museum at spokanevalleymuseum@gmail.com. Please provide the following information:

Preferred tour date and time

Size and age range of group

Special needs

Any specific interest in historical era or information

Once we schedule your tour, we will email you confirmation and information on fees. Payment can be made in advance of your tour or at the time of your visit.

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