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Enrich your Students’ History Learning at the Museum

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You and your students will dig deeper into Spokane Valley’s history, taking a trip back in time to the draining of Saltese Lake,
the traditions of local Indian tribes and so much more.

Your visit includes an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning at our outdoor exhibit that includes:

Butter churning

Water pumping

Seed planting

School tour fees and policies

Developing and maintaining relationships with the local school districts is a vital part of the Museum’s mission. We invite schools to book guided class tours.

Our tours are guided by volunteers who are knowledgeable in the subject matter and able to adjust presentations to your curriculum needs.


$3 for each individual — students and adults

Our fees fund the museum and we are grateful for your participation!


Payment is accepted via cash, check or credit card.

  1. Your visit must be booked at least two weeks in advance.
  2. We request you call to confirm your trip the day prior with an estimate of the number attending.
  3. Buses must approach the museum driveway from the west on Sprague. Drivers should pull into the back
    parking lot to let the students out. They can pull through to the Pines exit
    after the tour is complete. A volunteer will be available to direct the driver
    at all points.
  4. Students will be greeted by a volunteer who explains the format of the tour and groups will
    be formed, depending on your overall size.
  5. We request you review the following safe behavior with each student before your arrival:

Do not touch the items on display

Use inside voices

Listen when someone is presenting

Do not touch or lean on the glass cabinets

Leave backpacks on the bus

No food, drink or gum is allowed inside

We kindly ask teachers and parents assist with supervision of the students.

Our hope is to inform, influence and inspire the youth to make a connection to Spokane Valley and its rich history.

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